Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Disney-fied Female Role Models

Artist David Trumble published a collection of real female role models who made strides in many different areas, including politics, science, civil rights, and women rights and paints them with "one superficial brush" by filtering them "through the Disney princess assembly line." His project is meant to show how ridiculous it is to fit all of girls' role models into one mold and how fake these drawings are compared to real women. He is trying to get people to think about the images we show to children and how damaging and unrealistic they are. Ironically, many people think the "princesses" are fun and cute, and he has started selling copies due to demand. He also renamed the Anne Frank drawing "Diary Princess" instead of the first version "Holocaust Princess" because many people took offense to that and thought that he was valorizing her suffering instead of her writing.

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