Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hillary Clinton and gender politics discussion in 2016

This is a short clip of a conversation between Anna Holmes, the founder of the website Jezebel, and journalist Nia-Malika Henderson. Holmes expresses her desire for Hillary Clinton to openly talk about gender politics on the 2016 campaign trail. Holmes believes that women across America have been wanting to hear the open, unapologetic discussion of gender politics, and that Hillary would gain popularity among women by discussing it. From inferences from the 2008 campaign, Holmes believes that "when Hillary has felt more able to be herself...her popularity and the fascination with her increase exponentially."Should Hillary run in 2016, it is exciting to think about whether or not she will openly discuss gender politics and feminism as Obama did with race, or if the issue of feminism will be too much of a risk in the male-dominated atmosphere.

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