Friday, October 18, 2013

Ada Lovelace Day & "8 Inventions by Women That Dudes Got Credit For"

Last week it was Ada Lovelace Day, which celebrates a woman named Ada Lovelace who was an early pioneer in computer science. There were a lot of articles celebrating women's achievements in light of the holiday, but one particular piece I came across was especially interesting because it highlighted well-known accomplishments that were women's work but credited to men. Interestingly, though, when I shared this article on Facebook, a friend pointed out that Ada Lovelace - one of the women in the article - is actually pretty well known in the CS community today, which made me think that she must have been denied recognition earlier on (maybe in her time, or maybe the record of her work was misrepresented after her death to take away the credit) but has since been restored. That was nice to think about it, since it makes you realize that even in times of injustice, there is often a more just and fair future ahead. Here's the article:

"8 Inventions by Women That Dudes Got Credit For"

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