Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Case Against Female Self Esteem

The link below is to an article by Matt Forney entitled "The Case Against Female Self Esteem" that will make every Feminist want to slap him in the face. When I first read it, I felt myself getting very angry at his ignorance and sexism. Today, much of his arguments are absolutely ludicrous. He presents this article as a response to feminism and women empowerment. Although today I'm sure (hope) that this is a minority opinion among men, his desire for a submissive partner was not that uncommon when women were fighting for the vote, and even after attaining the vote. I felt personally offended about this one small article, imagine if this is what women heard all the time from men. If women are constantly told they are supposed to be needy, they must have had major inferiority complexes. It makes what Eleanor Roosevelt says about building up woman's self-esteem all that more important and relevant. This article brought to light for me how getting the vote and gradually the empowerment of women changed how women think about themselves. I feel like I owe my anger and the knowledge that my anger is justified to these leaders.

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  1. It pains me to think that this kind of blatantly offensive, sexist, misogynistic nonsense is still being written today. Even worse, the comments show that many people agree with him. This makes the work of female political leaders even more important so that they can spread positive attitudes towards powerful women. I agree with you that the suffragists, Eleanor Roosevelt, and all the other women who worked for female empowerment made strides, but we have to continue their work to keep moving forward.