Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Helen Thomas interview

Helen Thomas, a former white house correspondent journalist (and very interesting woman), passed away this summer. Bitch Magazine did an interview with her shortly before that covers a lot of topics (though somewhat briefly) that we've talked about in class. Among the relevant questions, she addresses the sacrifices women made for suffrage and professional opportunities; women's employment during and after the World Wars (she got into journalism around the time of WWII) and the professional barriers she faced as a woman later in her career; and first ladies, Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Kennedy in particular. The rest of the interview doesn't really talk about women in politics, but is interesting and policy-related.

There's a transcript of the interview online ( but the article in the print magazine also includes a section called "Helen Thomas on..." that had a couple of interesting answers -- here are the ones that tied back to things we've read/discussed:

The First Ladies:
They all tried hard. I think they tried their best.

Hillary Clinton:
She was not a First Lady. She was a politician.

Martin Luther King, Jr.:
He was fantastic. Undoubtedly a great man.

Margaret Thatcher:
I thought she was an arrogant, terrible woman. I think the Falklands were terrible. She and Bush were very close.

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