Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Feminist Consumerism

I have noticed more and more that there are increasing amounts of commercials that are capitalizing on feminist ideals. The most recent one I saw was a Pantene commercial that compared how women and men were perceived in the workplace. You can watch the commercial on the link below, as well as see Sheryl Sandberg's positive reaction to the commercial.

This summer, I also remember a commercial winning awards called "Camp Gyno". The add is for "Hello Flo", a monthly care package.

Nike has done many commercials supporting and empowering women athletes

And, of course there are the classic Dove commercials promoting natural beauty along with their skin

When I look through award winning commercials, it's amazing how many of them have a feminist theme. Adds like these are spreading and are getting such positive responses. I think feminism, to a certain extent, sells. It seems to me that the main obstacle when it comes to modern feminisms is that objectifying women sells. These commercials prove that there are other ways to sell products.

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