Monday, December 2, 2013

Phyllis Schlafly on "The Mike Hukabee Show"

At the end of class I referred to a video I found of a recent interview with Phyllis Schlafly. In 2012, she appeared on "The Mike Hukabee Show" to discuss her new book, No Higher Power: Obama's War On Religious Freedom. I found the interview difficult to watch, but I think it is relevant to the course to see how the work of women we have been studying evolved throughout time. Phyllis Schlafly is certainly still an ultra-conservative and now focuses her activism on defending the nation from what she claims to be President Obama's attack on religion. She believes President Obama wants the government to infringe on citizens' religious rights and Hukabee encourages her throughout the piece. One of the many infuriating moments of the interview is when Hukabee praises Schlafly's A Choice Not An Echo, a book she published in the 1960s, as "a turning point for [him] as a young teenager [that] helped to cause [him] to be a conservative." You can access the interview here 

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  1. While I do not agree with her at all, the comments section on youtube is full of hateful, gendered comments that target her age and appearance because she is a woman. They also claim that she is dumb, crazy, and has not contributed anything to society. All of these terrible comments are thrown at her because she is a prominent conservative WOMAN. They promote violence against women and the idea that women are dumb and incapable and should always be judged on their appearances, instead of actually attacking or arguing with the ideas she promotes. Although I don't agree with her, the comments show the greater attitude towards women in politics who speak out about what they believe in, so an attack on her is still very problematic for all women.