Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Levo League

Since we were talking about Sheryl Sandberg yesterday I thought I should post this website that she endorsed and maybe sponsors. I am not quite sure about the latter. I conducted a lot of research on this company this summer and it's pretty cool. Levo League is a company that aims to elevate young women in the workforce. There is a long history of men helping men and this new company wants to create that network for women. It reminded me a bit about Eleanor Roosevelt's advice that women must work together to help each other in politics. The founders of Levo League want to create resources by women, for women to succeed. On the website there are "office hours" where many prominent and also less well known people speak and give advice to women in the work force. There is also a job board, a section for mentors, a section with publications and finally an introduction to their "local levo" program. The company is in its very early stages which I think you can tell from the website, but I think the idea is cool so if you have some free time, check it out! Here is a copy of their mission statement:

At Levo, we are working toward our vision of a future where there is no income or achievement disparity between women and men across industries. Our mission is to create a trusted community of young professionals who are invested in supporting each others' success in game-changing leadership positions.

Here is a link to the webiste: http://www.levo.com/home

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