Monday, December 9, 2013

More of the Media's Attack on Women

Here is another video with a clip from a speech by Jean Kilbourne on the terribly negative effects that the media has on women. She says that the images of women in advertisements are extremely harmful to women, especially due to photoshop because of the unreal and impossible standards that it sets up for women. She also discusses the ways that the media objectifies and dehumanizes women by only showing sections or parts of their bodies and by layering them with images of an item, turning them into that object. After our discussion and viewing of Miss Representation, I have been aware of the number of videos and articles that address these issues of women in the media. That means at least that people are becoming more aware of it, even as advertising gets worse and images of women get thinner and more unattainable.
She also points out Kate Winslet as an actress who does not allow photoshop on her and publicly denounced the use of it in a GQ cover photo of her, saying she did not allow them to do that. While more female celebrities are understanding the harm of photoshop and taking a stand against it, their efforts are not being respected or taken seriously in many instances, which is sad and frustrating. I do have hope for the future, because of the increased awareness of women in media and the activism surrounding it, that changes will be made to women's representation.

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